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 personalized favors

 Personalized Favors for Bridal Showers

Personalized Favors for Bridal Showers

Personalized Favors for Bridal Showers is a great idea for a tea party theme.  Everyone you know closely can receive the special personalized favor with the specific tea that you know they are fond of.  It is also a nice way to create new Bridal Shower friendships with others you may not know as well.

If you are planning the Bridal Shower for someone else, and you are not the Bride, then an important thing that you should keep in mind is that it is her night.  Therefore, you should consider her tastes, and personality.  Don’t make it a surprise; discuss the details with her so that she is a part of the big decision making.

A tea party is an event that girls like.  Make sure the bride likes these kinds of feminine gatherings beforehand.  If she’s into it make the event a truly memorable one.  Create an atmosphere of joy and make the guests dress accordingly with dresses, hats, heels, and even white gloves.  You know, like a high tea party.  This is tradition and not at all considered corny!

After you personalize each favor you may want to consider personalizing the seating chart too.  You know how some girls like to sit with their best buddy.  Also, where you hold the tea party is important. Consider holding the tea party at a nice hotel or restaurant.  If the weather is agreeable, you may want to consider a lovely outdoor garden.

A nice shady spot on a hot summer day is the ideal place for a perfect tea party wedding shower.  Decorate the venue with the wedding theme to give the bride an idea of things to come and things she may want to change or incorporate.  Make sure you use the same balloons too.  Balloons can be personalized too. The little things are always most important. This is where you can be of the biggest help to her.

For a party like this, make sure you set out the food in a buffet style…it is important for a few reasons.  Play some light music in the background, not too loud, and classical or jazz is a preferred tone.  If you can get some wicker chairs, and lace tablecloth, those are ideal.  Set a nice atmosphere for the bride to relax.  She will have a lot of things on her plate already.  So, try to make it easy for her to enjoy her special event.  Of course, tea favors and porcelain cups and saucers is the perfect touch.

Bridal shower tea favors can be made or purchased online.  Baked goods can also become Personalized Favors for Bridal Showers.  A little cello, ribbons, and stickers and voila!

Customized bridal tea party favors bought online can become expensive, but may be well worth it.  There are many online stores that Personalized Favors for Bridal Showers such as tea favors.

Personalized Favors for Bridal Showers can have dates and names and even special messages printed on them.  Please don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to order these personalized items!  Expect at least a month from the date you order, regardless of what you are told or what you are expecting.  It is always better to have the goods in your hand with ample time to spare, rather than waiting frantically as your important date arrives with nothing!  You may also be unlucky and get a typo which could be repaired if you have ample time!

Remember that there are allergies involved with food items…but not with tea favors!  I have yet to hear of a tea favor causing an allergic reaction.  This is important because, firstly, you don’t know who does or doesn’t have an allergy, and secondly, allergies get worse with age, not better.  People develop allergies as they get older. So, someone may not have had an allergy, and could possibly develop one later on in life.  For this reason we think that all Personalized Favors for Bridal Showers that are food related should be tea favors or coffee favors.  There are a vast variety of flavors to choose from for both coffee and tea favors and everyone likes them.

There are some great ideas for guiding you when choosing coffee and tea favors.  Personalized Favors for Bridal Showers differentiates your coffee and tea gifts from items at the grocery store.  Unique flavors and customized packaging make your favors one-of-a-kind.  Your favors, personalized, are gifts   meant to thank your guests for coming. Make them feel special with a personalized gift.  Have you ever received a hand-made card from a child?  You feel like you mean everything to them.  That’s how you want your guests to feel.

Remember not to go overboard with personalization or customization. Keep within your budget. You can save money personalizing favors and you have a budget that you need to honor.  A simple, tasteful (pun intended) favor will do the trick; there’s no need to guild the lily.

Personalized Favors for Bridal Showers

Offering the tea and coffee gifts in sets or as parts of gifts bags is a fun idea that makes the favors even more special.  Use your imagination to choose from the many available teas and d coffees to make the moment special.  If you have a Hawaiian theme Kona coffee is a good favor.  If you have an Asian theme, tea is the best choice. The best ideas are often much cheaper than you think. Both tea and coffee have rich traditions that go back a long way. You will wind up with a winning idea making Personalized Favors for Bridal Showers if you put your mind to it!

Personalized Favors for Bridal Showers

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