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Wedding Favors Hand Made of Tea Flowers

Discount Wedding Favors

Discount Wedding Favors

New Wedding Gifts and Tea Wedding Favors that tea lovers the world over are raving about!

Wedding Favors which have very different qualities and characteristics from the usual favors.  They are good for you, and besides being very healthy they are beautiful to watch.

Wedding Tea Favors often have health benefits that other teas do not since they usually include flowers, which are usually beneficial to your health. There are a range of different tea types which are used to make up Tea Wedding Favors. If you prefer to drink a green tea or a black tea, both are available in Tea Wedding Favors. They are sewn together by hand and create an art form.  You’ll want to enjoy all the varieties available!

Tea Wedding Favors

Tea Wedding Favors are simple to look at while they are not brewed, but take a further look at them while they are blooming and you will see the fun begin.  The favor seems to bloom like a flower growing in time lapse photography. A dry bloom looks like nothing more than a small handful of leaves wrapped in a ball shape about the size of a ping pong ball.

However, their are some online retailers selling much smaller sized ones about the size of a big marble, and trying to pass them off as Premium Blooms.  Don’t be fooled by this mistake.  You’ll want only the best high quality premium blooms.  Wedding Tea Favors from Discount Tea Favors sell only the Premium blooms to ensure your complete satisfaction for your perfect event!

Once placed in hot water to rehydrate the leaves, your Premium Tea Wedding Favors will bloom like a spring garden.  The scent of flowers and the smiles from your family and friends will quickly make you come to realize that happiness is all around you. The hidden flower inside waiting to bloom will surprise all your guests!

Blooming teas look beautiful and they taste wonderful too. But, better than that, they’re good for you! Because they include flowers as a part of the tea bloom, the health benefits are astounding… flowers such as Chrysanthemums, Lily, and Jasmine are often added to the bloom for specific health benefits, and delicious floral scents. They are more than just beautiful, they are good for your skin complexion and health.

Tea Wedding Favors have further benefits over bagged teas because toxic chemicals leak into the tea during the brewing process with teabags.  However, Tea Wedding Favors are made from only high quality tea leaves and flowers.  There are no chemicals used during the manufacturing of the Tea Wedding Favors . If you have tea bags, however, which is steeped for a longer time, this can provide more time for toxins  to leak into your drink.

Tea Wedding Favors are made from all natural whole tea leaves. This gives them unique flavors and helps contribute to their stunning appearance. Flowering tea has been proven throughout the centuries to be beneficial to the skin tone and health of Asian Women.  Just take a look at their “China Doll Appearance” and this fact will become evident.

You may re-brew your Tea Wedding Favors more than once to enjoy more than one pot of tea.  Each Tea Wedding Favors makes a pot of tea, and each Favor is able to be brewed twice.  We offer Premium Blooms for this specific purpose.

Make sure you brew Tea Wedding Favors in a clear glass teapot since this allows you to enjoy the look of the tea as well as its flavor. You should always choose a glass teapot that is capable of holding enough water to enjoy a full pot.

Tea Wedding Favors make a great Wedding Favor and Blooming Tea Sets make a great Wedding Gift! They’re a wonderful drink and a great centerpiece to enjoy on each table for you, your guests, and your Wedding Party.

Tea Wedding Favors

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Tea Wedding Favors

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