Wedding Tea Favors

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wedding tea favors

Wedding Tea Favors

Wedding Tea Favors

Custom wedding favors cost a lot of money to make for a large group of people.  And that can add up to get very expensive. Yet, people are still going to get married and the guests need wedding favors.  One way of spending wisely is to give inexpensive wedding tea favors.  But that isn’t easy without looking cheap.

Wedding favors are a small gift with a not so small price tag…if you do it right.  But there are more ideas that don’t cost as much.  And why should you have to give away cheap Chinese favors just to fulfill your role as a wedding host?  You don’t have to spend a lot to give a nice wedding favor.  Be the couple that gives the best favors.  You can be the bride and groom that give your guests the best favors during your wedding ceremony or wedding reception.

Wedding Favors are a gesture of your appreciation and gratitude. So, do it right! The price of these favors can vary, and become very expensive.  But there are now inexpensive and creative favors for brides trying to cut costs while looking good.

We’ve outlined some ideas of lovely inexpensive wedding favors that will say thank you while keeping your budget in check.  And, we’ve listed them in order of popular preference:

-          Coffee or tea favors with a custom designed label or package.  The best choice because of the personalized label or card and the lowest cost.

-          Homemade wedding favors: Homemade book-markers, and pencils are popular. You can add personalized messages such as your names and wedding date. You can fill boxes with treats or trinkets.  Flower seed packets with a thank you card are a good choice too.  Low cost.

-          Treats and nuts such as monogrammed wrapped chocolates, candies, mints, fortune cookies, candy sticks, home baked goods (no nuts).  The second best choice due to low cost.

-          Homemade food such as brownies, cookies, jams, and jellies can be made in bulk and you can purchase jelly jars a dollar store.  A popular choice with a medium cost, but more labor for you.

-          Practical items such as small wedding mint tins, soaps, miniature frames, candles, playing cards, small picture frames, small jars of potpourri, and hand fans.  Always a good medium cost choice.

-          Disposable cameras make great wedding favors. Plus, you’ll have plenty of photographs later. Many bridal stores and bridal web sites sell cheap cameras. Good choice, medium-high cost.

-          Fresh flowers can be placed at each table with a thank you card. The guests can take them home after the reception.  Always a nice touch, high cost.

There are many ideas for wedding tea favors that we have not mentioned, and of course, your wedding theme may dictate the precise favors you’ll need. You can find inexpensive wedding favors at various places such as local party supply stores, wedding supply stores, and cheap retail stores.  But you will not find wedding tea favors at a lower price anywhere except You don’t have to buy cheap trinkets that no one will like.  Find the time and be creative.  There are many kinds of wedding tea favors to choose from.  Or, better than that, charge your bridesmaid(s) with the chore.  But, make sure you trust their judgment!

You can also order wedding tea favors online. There are many online retailers who provide inexpensive wedding tea favors. Don’t forget that buying from an online store will save you money and time. You will not have to deal with traffic, spend hours in the stores, and spend money on expensive gasoline. There are online stores that sell good quality wedding tea favors for a dollar:

Wedding Tea Favors

If times are hard, you are frugal, or you just want to use your money for other things like the honeymoon, cutting costs on wedding favors doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream wedding. With the proper planning and enough time, you can still have a beautiful wedding. Making or obtaining good quality inexpensive wedding favors is an easy way to reduce your wedding costs. Just make sure they are a compliment to your guests with wedding tea favors.  Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful and eventful moments of your life.  Make sure everyone remembers your day that way!

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